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Additive Injection System Datasheet

This system ensures a consistently blended product by automatically dosing during bulk fuel delivery.

Additive Injection System FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Additive Injection System — new installs, connection details, next steps, etc.

Additive Injective System
Submittal Form

An automatic Additive Injection System (AIS) that provides consistent distribution of additives throughout the entire delivery of fuel into your tanks.

ANGI Energy Corporate Brochure

ANGI Energy is North America's leading supplier of CNG refueling equipment for natural gas vehicles by providing reliable and innovative systems.

Applause TV

Applause TV provides a completely turn-key way to entertain your customers, build customer loyalty, and drive traffic.

Atlas Commercial Fleet Dispensers

The Gasboy Atlas Commercial Dispenser Series is the latest generation in a long line of fleet-fueling equipment and is the workhorse for the tough Fleet and Commercial environment.


Gasboy Atlas PRIME merges the latest fueling control technology with trusted Gasboy Atlas fuel dispensers.


Frequently asked questions about Atlas PRIME—models available, access controls, warranty, etc.


Introducing AtlasX. The expertly engineered, future-proofed commercial refueling platform. Launching early 2024. 

Assist Vapor Recovery Nozzle

The Catlow AVRN nozzle is specially designed to help reduce air pollution by capturing gasoline vapors that escape from automobile tanks when they are being refueled.

Biofuel Blending System Datasheet

Using the same technology as the Additive Injection System, the Biofuel Blending System (BBS) is a versatile in-line solution that delivers biofuel blending within retail locations.

Biofuel Blending System Submittal Form

An automatic Biofuel Blending System (BBS) that provides consistent blending of biofuel during the entire fuel dispensing transaction (B5 – B20).

Catlow Product Catalog

Catlow Hanging Hardware Retail Product Catalog

Carbon Pressure Management System Datasheet

The Veeder-Root Carbon Pressure Management System reduces evaporative losses caused by over-pressurization while complying with current pressure management regulations.

Centralized Device Management Brochure

Defend against data loss and create a secure operating environment with the latest software upgrades for your ATGs.

CNG Refueling Solutions

ANGI Energy Systems is North America’s leading supplier of CNG refueling equipment for natural gas vehicles.

Combating Corrosion Questions

Key questions to consider when combating corrosion.  It's important to understand the conditions in your tank and sump.

DEF Recirculation Monitoring Solution

An add-on software feature for the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) that provides a simple mechanism to automate your DEF heat trace or recirculation control to help prevent DEF product from freezing or overheating in lines that utilize DEF in bulk dispensing systems.


Frequently asked questions about Gasboy EKOS—cloud, reporting and how to get started, etc.

EKOS Overview

Your all-in-one cloud hosted fuel management system.

Elite Nozzle Brochure

The Elite automatic shutoff nozzle is designed for retail and commercial fueling sites. The lightweight construction produces a smooth-working, rugged nozzle specifically designed for endurance.

Elite Nozzle Datasheet

The Elite Prepay pressure-sensitive nozzle has undergone extensive engineering upgrades specifically designed to deliver the most reliable functioning nozzle.

EMV Payment with Gasboy

When equipped with EMV, the Islander™ PRIME is a standalone payment terminal that does not require an additional POS.

Encore Secure Alpha Numeric Pad

Get an encrypted pin pad capable of alphanumeric transactions, ready to fulfill all of your fleet needs.

Encore CNG Dispenser Brochure

Encore® CNG offers a familiar interface to your customers, a seamless experience from gasoline to CNG fueling, and provides you a seamless integration with your existing forecourt controller.

Encore DEF Dispenser

Selling DEF from bulk underground tanks can bring 5X the margins compared to what you make selling DEF in three-gallon jugs.

Encore Flex Fuel Series Brochure

Meet the next generation in fuel blending. Your customers are demanding more and more alternative fuel options.

Encore Security Suite Brochure

Security Suite: lock down your pumps and your profits. Gilbarco’s Security Suite allows retailers to physically lockdown pumps.

Encore Series Dispensers Brochure

Welcome to the line of Encore fueling dispensers, the most reliable and time-tested fueling technology on the market.

ERGO 75 Nozzle Brochure

Performance in hand. The lightest nozzle ever designed. Purpose-built for easy, one-handed, self-service operation.

ERGO Diesel Nozzle Tech Sheet

Engineered with specialized materials to withstand diesel exhaust fluid corrosion, offered with a 24-month warranty.

ERGO Retail Nozzle Tech Sheet

Engineered with stronger materials, tested for 3 million tests cycles, offered with a 24-month warranty.

EVerse Fully Hosted Program

The EVerse Fully Hosted program, developed in partnership with Skycharger, is designed to provide EVcharging equipment at no cost to the site host. Sites will deploy equipment at their location and benefit from additional traffic to the site while offering cutting edge EV charging solutions.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

ABB’s Terra all-in-one DC fast chargers offer power up to 180 kW, with convenient charging times for every EV – including those with HV batteries.

Kempower Power Charging

User-friendly, space-saving DC fast charging satellites for all EV drivers from Kempower.

EVerse EVCI Financing Program

A program designed to provide a lower initial monthly payment for a set time, and then steps up to predetermined payments over a specified time frame. 

Passport® Express Ordering™ Flyer

Why make customers place an order at a kiosk and then have them stand in another line to pay for it? Upgrade to the latest Passport software release to streamline operations and enhance your customer’s experience!

Gasboy EMV FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Gasboy EMV implementation—new installs, retrofitting, fleet card usage, etc.

Gasboy Prime Suite Brochure

Gasboy's outdoor PRIME suite is specifically suited to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures and provide highly efficient, comprehensive, and secured automation for any site architecture.

Genuine Gilbarco Parts

Quality no one can beat for genuine Gilbarco new and re-manufactured parts.

Gilbarco Dispenser Quick Clean Kits

Preventable maintenance that pays. Extend equipment life, reduce downtime and boost customer loyalty. 

Gilbarco POS Quick Clean Kits

Clean POS touch points to increase volume and retain customers.

Hanging Hardware Assemblies

Save time and effort with Catlow factory pre-assembled hanging hardware assemblies. We offer customized bundling options with dispensers, so there’s no need to source from multiple providers.

Hydrogen Refueling Station Solutions - Complete Station Solution

ANGI's complete Hydrogen Refueling Station Solution comprises all the elements needed to add hydrogen refueling to your site. From initial feasibility consultancy, through to industry-leading hardware, software and services, our dedicated Hydrogen Team have you covered.   

HydrX Case Study

Combating corrosion with Cumberland Farms — HydrX prevents corrosion from eating away at the bottom line.


HydrX Fuel Conditioning System Datasheet

HydrX Fuel Conditioning System combats in-tank corrosion with water removal in diesel storage tanks.

HydrX Site Inspection Guide

This guide will help you determine if HydrX can be implemented into your current fuel management system.

HydrX Submittal Form

The Veeder-Root HydrX Fuel Conditioning System combats in-tank corrosion by providing continuous water removal within diesel storage tanks.

ILS In-Line Swivel

Catlow’s 360-degree in-line swivel eliminates kinking and twisting of the hose, making it easier for customers to manipulate the nozzle while also extending hose life.

InSite360 Advanced Variance Analysis

Identify Variance Analysis

InSite360 Asset Management

Centralize and simplify your site management using a cloud-based dashboard that allows 24x7x365 real-time access to control and configure your site’s forecourt equipment

Intelligent Pump Control Sell Sheet

Intelligent Pump Control allows the TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge to display and report Submersible Turbine Pump activity through a direct  communication link between a STP pump controller and the TLS-450PLUS  system via a RS-485 connection. 

Invenco EPS - Electronic Payment Server

Invenco EPS sets the standard, handling complex payment and loyalty requirements within retail, self-service and fuel retailing environments.

FlexPay 6 All-in-One 5 in. Outdoor Payment Terminal (Gen. 1)

FlexPay 6 A1-05 Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) is an industrial multimedia device, tailor made for the outdoors.

FlexPay 6 All-in-One 5 in. Outdoor Payment Terminal (Gen. 2)

Invenco changes the game with the new multi use compact payment platform for indoor and outdoor use. The worlds leader in outdoor value oriented payment design introduces a new platform that simplifies certifications and brings payment to a new range of indoor and outdoor devices.

FlexPay 6 All-in-One 9 in. Outdoor Payment Terminal

The Invenco by GVR FlexPay 6 A2-09 Payment Terminal is an industrial multimedia device, made for the outdoors.

FlexPay 6 Modular 15 in. Outdoor Payment Terminal

FlexPay 6 M1-15 OPT is an EMV PCI 4 compliant modular payment terminal with rich media touchscreen and an open platform suited to any self service or unattended payment environment.

FlexPay 6 M2-15

The Invenco® by GVR FlexPay 6 M2-15 Modular Payment Terminal pairs the all-in-one 5” payment terminal with the 15.6” full touch HTML5 screen, built for the outdoors.

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Invenco iNFX

Invenco iNFX revolutionizes the way we think about forecourt technology. It condenses the major forecourt systems into a set of lightweight software microservices deployed onto the Outdoor Payment Terminals on your site.


The EDGE Pro is a secure, connected IoT device designed to host site-level software services and deliver cloud-native iNFX microservice applications.

Invenco Overview Brochure

For over twenty years, Invenco has specialized in delivering open platform, quality-focused hardware and software solutions to the energy delivery and convenience industry.

Invenco Pay-at-the-Pump System

Invenco’s Open-Platform Architecture is a major focus for the entire product line. Invenco is committed to developing digitally agile solutions that drive ongoing return on investment.

Invenco Secure Digital
Agility Brochure

Experience the Invenco difference with secure, open and agile systems which position each business for success now, and in the future.

Fuel Media TV: Energizing Forecourt Media to Maximize Performance

Fuel Media TV’s digital Retail Media Network transforms forecourt media, igniting this marketing turbo engine idling at your front door. Designed from inception to leverage Invenco by GVR's cutting-edge technology, our dynamic platform provides a powerful and comprehension solution for C-store chains.

Fueling Success: Benefits of Partnering with GSTV

Driving your consumers from the forecourt into your store, GSTV is a national video platform that entertains consumers while fueling up.

FlexPay 6 All-in-One 9 in. Outdoor Payment Terminal

The FlexPay 6 All-in-One 9 in. Outdoor Payment Terminal is an industrial multimedia device, made for the outdoors 

InvisiShield: Fuel Theft Prevention

The InvisiShield system is the first layer of defense, fortifying your fuel dispensers against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

ISBA In-Line Swivel

Catlow combines our in-line swivel with our advanced breakaway technology to create an all-in-one swivel breakaway.

Max 1 Hi-Flow Automatic Shut-Off Diesel Nozzle

The MAX 1 hi-flow diesel nozzle has the durability needed to perform in high-volume truck stop applications and service stations.

Patriot Capital Bundle Financing Flyer for NOV & Veeder-Root

Leverage Patriot Capital rates for ​your next site improvement project to purchase your NOV Tank and Piping, and Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauge and Red Jacket® Submersible Turbine Pump equipment.

Passport® Express Lane™ Self-Checkout Brochure

Passport Express Lane Self-Checkout is designed specifically for the modern convenience store environment and integrates seamlessly with Passport POS.

Passport Point of Sale Brochure

Passport® POS: The industry's fastest growing POS solution.  The simplicity, control and flexibility you need.

Pathfinder™ Parts Locator

A New Resource For Identifying Spare Parts.

Red Armor STP Brochure

Red Armor® STP Built to Combat Corrosion; built to last in the harshest corrosive environments.

The Red Jacket 4 HP STP Datasheet

The Red Jacket 4 HP STP delivers higher flow volumes with the best-in-class fixed speed technology in a 4-inch tank riser size.

Red Jacket Biofuel Mechanical Line Leak Detector Datasheet

With the increased usage of alternative fuels, The Red Jacket Biofuel Mechanical Line Leak Detector (MLLD) provides additional UL Listed protection* from higher concentrations of ethanol, biodiesel, and specialty fuels.

Red Jacket Diagnostic Monitoring Sell Sheet

Gain real-time visibility regarding the performance of your Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps, make informed maintenance decisions, and ensure efficient service calls.

Red Jacket Fuel Compatibility

As biofuels, vehicle technology and ethanol infrastructures expand, Red Jacket fueling systems are there to meet your needs.

Red Jacket IQ Control Box Datasheet

The IQ Control Box is a smart STP controller that provides simplified pump management and protection against downtime.

Red Jacket Manifolded Submersible Turbine Pumping System

Increase your fueling throughput with the 2+2 HP fixed speed solution.

The Red Jacket STP Flow Quick Reference Guide

The Red Jacket series of Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) and accessories covers all of your site throughput needs and guarantees hassle-free installation, minimal downtime, and dependable operation.

Retrieving Data for TLS-350 to TLS-450PLUS ATG Upgrade

Easily retrieve console configurations to upgrade to the TLS-450PLUS ATG by following all five steps sequentially.

Remote Connectivity for ATGs

OptConnect, with Veeder-Root, gives ATG customers cellular connectivity to remotely manage fuel management systems.


Android and Apple iOS based application for checking gauge data on a mobile connection.

Secure Contactless Controller

The Invenco® Secure Contactless Controller delivers EMV compliant near field communication (NFC) and mobile wallet contactless payments to the pump in a fast and secure modular device.

Shep Digital Solutions

Shep keeps customers on your property past the 90 seconds that it takes to gas up their car—and gets them in the store.

In-Station Diagnostics Datasheet

Veeder-Root’s California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) system provides the most accurate vapor recovery detection available in the industry.


The remote access features of the TLS-450PLUS, TLS4, and TLS4B ATGs deliver critical inventory and site data when and where it’s needed.

TLS-450PLUS, TLS4 & TLS4B Specification Sheet

Compare the specifications of the TLS-450PLUS, TLS4, and TLS4B to determine which ATG best suits your needs.

TLS-450PLUS ATG Submittal Form

The TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a powerful tool that allows fueling operations to run at peak efficiency, with an easy to understand navigation, streamlined inventory and compliance reporting, and powerful business analytics.

TLS-450PLUS Sell Sheet

The TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) provides the most comprehensive site data for advanced fuel asset management.

Upgrade to the TLS-450PLUS ATG Executive Summary

The next generation Automatic Tank Gauge (TLS-450PLUS) was designed to enhance, protect, and grow your business objectives at fueling facilities.

Upgrade to the TLS-450PLUS ATG Sheet

Why upgrade? The TLS-350 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) has long set the standard for exceptional quality in fuel management systems.  Today, the TLS-450PLUS ATG builds on that solid legacy to set a new bar for reliability and convenience.

Verifone M400 PIN Pad

New M400 PIN Pad For Your Passport® Point of Sale System