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Passport Express Lane

The Passport Express Lane self-checkout adds a definite “wow” factor. With self-checkout, customers have the option to side-step the line and be on their way. That can be very helpful if lottery tickets are a popular item with your c-store clientele.

Self-checkout improves the customer experience and lets your team members work more efficiently while putting the “convenience” back in “c-store”.

What Customers Are Saying

Our products are reliable, secure, and easy to use... just ask our customers.

Prashant Patel

Owner, Starmount Valero

"I teach my people that the first priority is speed. We invested in Passport EDGE so that they have tools to serve customers as fast as they can."

Sami Said

Owner, Emanuel, Inc.

"We buy the Gilbarco Passport and Encore dispensers. They're more reliable for us and for our customers."

Mark Smith

VP of Retail, Breeze Thru Markets

"Customers don't have to risk waiting in line and we don't have to risk an annoyed customer. With Gilbarco self-checkout they get the in and out experience they want."

Steve Rotondo

Food Service Manager, Breeze Thru Markets

"We added the Passport Express Lane and have been able to add our food menus to the check-out options. That helps to streamline the check-out process for customers."

Mark Smith

VP of Retail, Breeze Thru Markets

"We are 100% Gilbarco. Any location we take over, we get a 10-15% bump right off the bat, just by cleaning up and putting new Gilbarco equipment in."

Jake Wootsick

IT Manager, Breeze Thru Markets

"The Gilbarco Passport POS is very user-friendly. And, it's the most robust software platform we have ever used."

Lisa Dell'Alba

President & CEO, Square One Markets

"With Gilbarco, there are resources for you if you have a problem. All-day, every-day. I don't know what I'd do without their partnership."

Lisa Dell'Alba

President & CEO, Square One Markets

"We were excited to adopt Passport and Passport EDGE, because they made so much sense from a training standpoint. Our team members can learn how to use them almost instantly."

Mike Leake

General Manager, Emanuel, Inc.

"With Passport we have a real-time monitor where we can look at transactions. It helps us use data to be able to optimize our business."

Lakisha Kirby

Store Manager, Breeze Thru Markets

"The support from Gilbarco is irreplaceable. You call them with a problem, and they fix it right on the spot."

Mark Smith

VP of Retail, Breeze Thru Markets

"We move quickly. We change paths. We need partners who can move quickly with us. Gilbarco has been able to provide us with that partnership."

Lakisha Kirby

Store Manager, Breeze Thru Markets

"I can go back and forth between the register and the self-checkout without leaving my terminal. This allows me to really focus on the customer in front of me."

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Years of Operation

720K +

Gilbarco Fueling Positions

350K +

EMV-capable CRINDS

3K +

Certified Service Contractors

More About Breeze Thru Markets

Breeze Thru Markets is a small, locally based convenience store chain in Cary, North Carolina.

The brand thrives on data and trends to give customers a big brand experience with a neighborhood feel. From self-checkout kiosks, to Bitcoin machines, to locally-sourced food, Breeze Thru competes with large retailers by providing services people need that can’t be found conveniently anywhere else.

Inside Breeze Thru Markets’ Experience Working with Gilbarco

All Breeze Thru stores feature Gilbarco Encore 700 S fuel dispensers and Passport POS systems. 

Business Boost: How Breeze Thru Creates Overnight Success

When this brand takes over, they tear the store down to bring it back up to speed. We’re talking new Encore 700 S fuel dispensers, new Passport POS systems and other technology.

Working Smarter with Express Lane Self-Checkout

Breeze Thru knows how to impress a customer, but those wow-factors are all based on data and practicality. Passport Express Lane self-checkout system is one of those practical wow-factors.

Inside Breeze Thru’s 10-Year POS Strategy

Breeze Thru doesn’t take equipment purchases lightly. When Mark Smith, Vice President of Retail, chooses a Point-of-Sale system, he is playing a long-game strategy.

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