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      Are you ready for the future of fuel retailing in an electrified world?

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      Download the decision-maker’s guide to creating an EV Charging Ecosystem.

      There’s a growing need for simple, convenient places to plug in, and fuel retailers are uniquely placed to meet that demand. As vehicle manufacturers and regulators align behind electrification, how do fuel retailers adapt to the demands of that fast-changing transport ecosystem?

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      What's in the whitepaper?

        1. Charging Ecosystem: The establishment of a robust EV charging network is critical for supporting long-distance travel and urban residents lacking private parking. What initiatives are being implemented, and why are forecourts seen as pivotal in this expansion?

        2. Fuel Retail Transformation: As charging times increase customer dwell time, what factors must retailers consider to ensure their locations are profitable?

        3. Business Adaptation: Fuel retailers have the opportunity to turn EV charging into a competitive advantage. What are the key considerations retailers should keep in mind regarding the conditions of funding, and how can they maintain customer engagement and service reliability?