3 Ways Impulse automates the upsell

Impulse is a basket-based, suggestive selling solution that integrates seamlessly with Gilbarco's point-of-sale (POS) system - Passport®. For each purchase, Impulse displays customized upselling offers at checkout to increase basket size and overall sales. With sophisticated, behind-the-scenes technology that incorporates store-specific sales data, the customer can quickly view current offers while checking out. 



Automates customer suggestions

One of the biggest issues retailers run into when implementing a suggestive selling strategy is employee apprehension when it comes to upselling based on strict rules. WIth Impulse, a sophisticated, behind-the-scenes technology incorporates store-specific sales data, and the customer can quickly view current offers while checking out. 


Keeps upsell strategies consistent

Particularly with in-store retail, creating a consistent customer experience is very important given that shoppers will likely interact with different employees each time they enter the store. With Impulse, same-store market basket analytics automatically drives relevant upsell combinations that are driven directly by POS pricebook integration.


Evaluates and adapts strategy

It’s important for retailers to track techniques and products so they can adjust strategies. The Insite360 Impulse Portal allows retailers to remotely monitor their sites--managing promotional content, scheduling, and reporting. The sophisticated, behind-the-scenes technology adapts to the customers cart, pushing relevant upsell offers


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